Privacy Policy

 welcome to wayfaring potter!

This privacy policy tells you how the Wayfaring Potter uses your personal data when you visit our website, interact with us, and buy our goods and services.

Using different methods to collect data from you include: Direct interaction, email subscription, financial data through payment for goods and services, or by phone and the contact page.

This includes personal data you provide when you:

  • sign up to receive my Wayfaring Potter newsletter;

  • make enquiries or request information be sent to you;

  • create an account on our website;

  • order our products or services;

  • engage with us on social media;

  • enter a competition, promotion or survey;

What do we do with this data?

  • In purchasing our products, it’s a contract.

  • We use your email for communication and purchase purposes only. Your information will not be shared to any other third party.

  • Where we need to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation. Keeping records of your purchase for tax compliance.

 We are here to provide the best possible service in respect to our valued clients. Please check back for any changes and we look forward to serving you!