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Home is a layered space that cultivates richness in my work, where reflection and renewal combine in an environment of ideas.

I am an old soul who is invigorated by: foggy four-a.m. mornings, coffee, and clay on a dirty potter’s wheel. By striving for simplicity and a measured pace, I am grounded and rooted in the uncomplicated aspects of my labor; like potters of old – I split and stack wood, wedge and prepare clay.  These simple acts give me solace and space to create. 

At my wheel, the beveled oak trim and doorway rosettes sit in the background reminding me that carved spaces suit this old soul who prefers comfort and calm.  Naturally, the house’s bones enter my artwork. My forms echo the wooden trim with sloping curves and sharp corners.  It invokes a time when a product was sturdy, was built to age with grace, was unique and nostalgic. That’s why I cherish handmade items.   This is what you can expect when you live with my pottery.

Each day, I work methodically thinking how yesterdays’ potters kept these same hours with steady hands bringing functional pottery into everyday homelife.  When you walk away with a pot created in this space, you bring home with you a bit of my old soul.


Artist statement

I make functional, wood fired pottery intended for everyday use. A wood kiln has many variables.  My interest and passion intertwine as I seek to understand the nuances of its response on my pottery. Therefore, I acknowledge the atmosphere of the kiln, using glazes and flashing slips that interact with melting wood ash. My forms encourage subtleties like controlling pooling, encouraging flashing, catching wood ash, or growing crystals. In turn, my pottery reflects an American tradition borrowed from an Asian aesthetic; yet, the wood ash speaks to my place, my home, Chautauqua County.


Pottery is a journey of small steps.